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US 7 Days of Sound Design is a new series on sound design techniques with the synth      05/06/20

ILIO has launched 7 Days of Sound Design, a new series on sound design techniques with Spectrasonics' flagship synthesizer Omnisphere 2. Here's their press release with the full details...

Starting now, ILIO will release one video a day for an entire week covering synthesis and sonics - guided by the one and only Michael (MIDIhead) Babbitt. 7 Days of Sound Design explores different sound design techniques and tricks spread out over seven days, from June 4 through June 10, 2020. Each video focuses on different patches and the sound design concepts used to create them - from basic envelope control to layering complementary sounds, to advanced modulation techniques, all while utilizing Spectrasonics' powerful synthesizer Omnisphere 2. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artisan, you're bound to learn something new in just a few minutes a day.

"I chose Omnisphere because of the sonic capabilities it offers - from the huge arsenal of DSP waveforms to the plethora of core library sounds and modulation routing. The fact that it is a chameleon is a huge plus because I can create sounds for pretty much any genre on the planet," said MIDIhead.

"Mike Babbitt, aka MIDIhead, is the right guy to do this project with ILIO," says co-founder Mark Hiskey. "Mike's been involved with Omnisphere from the very beginning and has an intuitive sense of what makes it special. While these videos just hint at what's possible with Omnisphere, he does a great job of pealing back the layers and before you know it you're learning some pretty deep concepts."

On each day throughout 7 Days of Sound Design, a new video will be released that will dissect the corresponding day's patch:

Day 1 - Huge Pad
Day 2 - Noise Riser
Day 3 - Analog Poly Synth
Day 4 - Synth Bell
Day 5 - Synth Hybrid Drum
Day 6 - Vocal Phrase Granular
Day 7 - Voxxy Arp

Although Omnisphere is the agent for sound design in this series, MIDIhead clarifies that you do not need to own Omnisphere to follow along and learn something new. "Even though I'm using Omnisphere as a vehicle for sound design in these videos (for 7 Days of Sound Design), I'm covering basic principles that carry across the history of synthesis from classic analog to modern styles."

Once each day's video becomes available, they can be found under the official 7 Days of Sound Design landing page or from ILIO's 7 Days of Sound Design YouTube playlist.

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