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GB Tubbutec transforms their µTune module      03/06/20

Tubbutec has been in touch to announce some news about their µTune eurorack module. They say that, with the now available expanders and new 2.xx firmware it has transformed into a general multitool everyone can use and which could be the central piece of a Eurorack setup. Here's more details in their own words...

µTune started as a tool to allow microtonal work in the modular context, but has now grown to become a central tool for everyone. We would like to announce firmware version 2.xx with a lot of new features and Expanders which allow up to 8 channels of CV/Gate processing.

Tubbutec µTune is a powerful quantizer, midi to CV interface, CV to midi interface, midi router and general multitool with a lot of features. The two channels of the main module can be expanded to up to 8 channels using µTune expanders.

Inputs and outputs are freely configurable and multiple functions can be used at the same time.

Some of the basic features:

- Polyphonic quantizer with gated, triggered or continuous modes.
- Polyphonic midi to CV/Gate interface with several voice allocation modes. Multiple polyphonic and monophonic synths are possible simultaneously.
- Multi channel CV/Gate to midi interface
- Clock generator and midi clock output with different dividers for each output.
- A 10 point VCO calibration can correct even the worst VCOs

µTune also contains a midi router which allows you to distribute midi note and clock information independently between the module and its USB-Midi and DIN-Midi connections. This means it can also be used as a USB to Midi interface.

µTune has many features dealing with microtonal music or generally precise pitch: You can load, edit and save scales and tunings, it includes a tuner, VCO calibration and even real-time automatic tuning. Midi to microtonal midi translation is supported, too.

Also suitable to interface analogue synths: Gate outputs can be set between 12 and 5V as well as switch trigger outputs. A V/Hz CV-out mode can interface non V/Oct synths (like MS10).

Many more features:
- Plug-in detection can change configuration automatically
- Automatic trigger generation from CV-in
- Transpose and shift scales via CV
- Random transpose
- Glide / Portamento
- Midi velocity, Aftertouch and Controller output
- Invert gates, or convert it to switch gate
- Midi monitor

Pricing and Availability:

320 €

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