Superbooth 20HE: Erica Synths Fusion System 2

We talked new eurorack system, JMJ and Syntrx      25/04/20

Erica Synths are well known for their Fusion modules which give you vacuum tube designs in the Eurorack world. The Erica Synths Fusion System 2 is a full vacuum tube eurorack system that has been redesigned from the ground up.

The Fusion System 2 is a 104HP Eurorack system that encompases three new Fusion series modules – Fusion VCF3, Fusion Modulator (already available) and Fusion VCA/Waveshaper/Ringmodulator (available from June 5th). With an all analogue CV path and 63 patch points the system gives you everything you need to start designing your own sounds. 

We spoke to Girts to get an idea of the system, wider questions about how Erica Synths are able to release and manufacture so many different instruments and we also talked Jean Michel Jarre and the Syntrx.

For more information visit Erica Synths

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