Mobile MIDI/OSC Controller Launches

US Kickstarter campaign starts for birdkids °Grid (also known as offGrid)      25/03/20

We brought you preliminary news of °Grid, back in January. It is said by developers, birdkids, to be the first product in a series of handheld, wireless controllers for creative, mixed-modality applications. Now, also known as offGrid, it has launched on Kickstarter.

A spokesperson told us,

"°Grid lets you capture and express your creative ideas by combining the responsiveness and versatility of a real instrument with the total integration, capability and ease of use of a wireless, mobile device. °Grid fits in the palm of your hand, travels in your pocket and pairs with your apps in seconds, so you can go from sketch to masterpiece, without skipping a beat."

Pricing and Availability:
See Kickstarter

More information:

Birdkids Social

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