WMD Announces Virtual Trade Show Booth

US Hang out with Alex from WMD virtually on Saturday March 21st 2020      20/03/20

WMD Announces Virtual Trade Show Booth

Just in from WMD

With the recent cancellations of all of our upcoming trade shows, WMD is experimenting with ways to keep in touch with the community, answer questions, and hold informative demos.
As we were supposed to be at Machina Bristronica this weekend in Bristol, UK, we have decided to do an online event this Weekend to try and make up for not being able to meet in person.  This event will take place at 2 pm Greenwich Mean Time, in order to try and optimize convenience for our UK customers and friends.  
We’re encouraging people to come out and hang out with us virtually.  Ask me anything, get a demo of our new gear, and enjoy some live music from the WMD crew.
If this one goes well, we will likely do more of these focused on different areas in the world to make up for other trade shows and events.  Stay tuned to our Instagram @wmdevices or sign up for our email newsletter for more info!
What: Online Trade Show Booth
When: 2pm - 4pm UK time (10am New York Time)
Where: The WMD Youtube Channel: Youtube.com/wmdevices
Founded in 2007 by William Mathewson, WMD is always on the cutting-edge of music technology. They aspire to create products that inspire the user while not leaving out any of the basic functionality. WMD is best known for their Eurorack modular synthesizers and the Geiger Counter, a digital wavetable distortion pedal for guitars and synthesizers.

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