WMD Announces Plans To Split

US Two new companies will emerge: WMD and AMMT      10/05/23

WMD Announces Plans To Split

WMD has announced plans to continue making eurorack modules and to split into two companies: WMD and AMMT (pronounced "AMPED").
Under the new arrangement, WMD will continue to produce Eurorack modules and the company is set to reveal the Performance Mixer Mk2 in May of 2023, building on the success of the original Performance Mixer and incorporating feedback from the Eurorack community.
WMD's new sister company AMMT will be managed by Mathewson and three members of WMD's previous design team. These three designers, Alex Anderson, Mason Malvinni, and Matt Tanner, bring a wealth of experience and care to this new venture.  AMMT will continue development on the Metron suite (see picture above) and the digital drum line. AMMT's first newly designed product will be a digital Hi Hat percussion module for Eurorack, which will bring familiar workflows to the growing world of live Eurorack performance. The Metron suite will continue to be developed, manufactured, and supported through AMMT.
"We're stoked to finally announce this new chapter for WMD and AMMT," says William Mathewson. "We sat down to start working on a new module concept that would become the hi-hat.  The magic feeling of loving what I do was back as ideas flowed.  That's when I knew that there had to be a different way. A way of keeping things going, but under a new plan. The split gives ownership, financial interest, and responsibility to the team that was key in the development of our digital module ecosystem while allowing us to keep innovating together, which is the most exciting part for the four of us. Further, moving to contracted manufacturing has reduced my stress hugely, and I'm feeling the joy of designing creative and inspirational tools again."
The split is expected to be complete by the end of 2023, with hopes that the new modules will be in production before winter.
For more information, stay tuned to the WMD and AMMT social media accounts and websites at www.wmdevices.com (@wmdevices) and www.ammtsynthesis.com (@AMMTSynthesis) respectively.


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