Patches For Your DeepMind 12

US GEOSynths releases a 3rd bank of patches for the Behringer synth      05/02/20

GEOSynths has released Deeper Vol 3, their 3rd and final bank of patches for the Behringer DeepMind 12.

Spokesperson Jamie, told us, “There's 128 Patches in Deeper Vol 3 and It's full of Pads, Motion sounds, String Synths, huge Bass, cutting Leads, Atmospherics and Arp's.  They all have extensive Controller and Modulation assignments where relevant. There's also a greater use of the onboard Processing, such as the Enhancer, Compression as well as the FX.”

Geosynths have also included a Bonus Bank Vol 2 of 128 Patches that didn't make the cut with Deeper Vol 2.

As always, all 128 Deeper Vol 3 Patches are demonstrated over 4 Videos.

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