WMD Ships Crater Eurorack Kick Drum Module

US Analog/digital hybrid bass drum      20/12/19

WMD has announced the official release of their newest module, Crater, which is now shipping to dealers and customers worldwide. They say that, best of both worlds, Crater is an analog/digital hybrid bass drum that plays as hard as it kicks.

WMD founder William Mathewson told us, "We live in the age of the clones. Every week, a new version of a classic instrument hits the market and while this is getting some highly sought-after instruments in the hands of real musicians and enthusiasts, innovation seems to be suffering. Why not take influence from the past, knowledge from experience, and mix those with modern technology to create something that gives you the sound you’re looking for without the need for layering or heavy post-production. That was the goal we had when designing Crater. We took x0x inspired circuits we all know and love, and fused them with a digital “click synthesis” engine to create modern, layered sounds without the need for multiple modules.

Each member of our design team used a Crater prototype in live performance and recording settings for months, bringing back notes each day of what we could do better. Using this experience, we tuned the analog core into something truly special with stable V/oct pitch tracking, a 10 second decay envelope for giant sub bass impacts, and the Sustain circuit which expands the sonic palette even more. We feel that Crater is what we have been searching for in a kick drum module for years. We hope you feel the same."


  • Analog, triangle core oscillator
  • Pitch envelope for 909 like attacks
  • Sustain function allows for sequencing with gates as well as triggers
  • 1V/Oct Pitch tracking
  • 3 different styles of clipping
  • Continuous Saturation Input for dialing in the perfect amount of analog grit
  • Extra long VCA envelope for big bass booms
  • Digital "attack" section for that polished, layered sound
  • "Click Decay" control for some acoustic flavor

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