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AudioThing's Blindfold EQ has no frequency indicators so encourages you to use your ears      12/12/19

AudioThing tells us that Blindfold EQ is a freeware EQ plugin inspired by a quote by Matt Wallace from the book Recording Unhinged by Sylvia Massy:

“If I were King of the Universe, consoles would have no indication of frequency near the EQ knobs, because when you show the frequency, then most people EQ by eye. But seriously, you should have no idea of what frequency you are boosting or cutting. It doesn’t matter what number is. It matters how it sounds and how it feels. That’s it!”

Consequently each knob is blind is blind on the 4 band (LowShelf, LowMid, HighMid, HighShelf) plug-in. There are no indicators or numbers to show frequency values, gain values or Q values, so you have to use your ears.

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