Ian Boddy Creates New Sound Library

Reshapes the field recordings of Chris Watson with 128 presets for Soniccouture's Geosonics      23/10/19

Soniccouture has released Strange Geographie, a collection of 128 nki presets by renowned sound designer Ian Boddy. It features the aural environments of Chris Watson's recordings reshaped into completely new sonic worlds and is available as a Sound Pack for the Geosonics Organic Soundscape instrument.

A spokesperson told us, "Ian's Haunted Spaces sound packs are so incredible that we wanted him to give Geosonics the same treatment. Strange Geographie blurs the line between field recording and synthesis more than ever before."

Pricing and Availability:

Sound Packs are only available as a paid upgrade to existing users of the full Geosonics product.
Geosonics: £139

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