Deckard's Voice Pre-Orders Open

Eurorack module is base on the Deckard's Dream interpretation of the CS-80      16/08/19

Deckard's Voice  Pre-Orders Open

Following its official announcement just over a week ago, Black Corporation tell us that their Deckard’s Voice synthesizer is now available for pre-order with a deposit of $199.00. The total price is $699 with free worldwide shipping, the remaining balance of $500 is to be paid when the product is ready for shipping. The company expects to ship all orders in November 2019. Here's how they describe Deckard’s Voice...

Deckard’s Voice is an entry level semi-modular synth from Black Corporation for eurorack systems. Sharing the same paradigm and circuit as it’s bigger brother Deckard’s Dream, trimmed down for eurorack and supplemented with the flexibility available only in a modular format.


  •     VCO with pulse, glitch saw and sine outputs
  •     Dedicated LFO for PWM
  •     Noise source
  •     external audio input to a filter
  •     Discrete hipass and lowpass filters with resonance and IL-AL-ADR envelope
  •     LFO with sine, saw, ramp, square, smooth and stepped random output
  •     output VCA with ADSR envelope and velocity control over volume
  •     ADSR (0-10V) and LFO (-5V/+5V) outputs
  •     master and line level outputs
  •     32HP size
  •     +12/-12V standard eurorack power


Pricing and Availability:
$699 with free worldwide shipping

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