BAF 2024: Black Corporation - Jupiter 8 Desktop

US A limited edition synth with all the proceeds going to charity      28/01/24

At Buchla and Friends 2024 we hooked up with Roman Filippov of Black Corporation who has produced a limited edition charity version of his synthesizer, based on the Jupiter-8, with all proceeds going to non-military charities in Ukraine. Filippov also announced his collaboration with Buchla, bringing back vintage modules that were released in the early to mid-70s. These modules have been recreated using modern technology, while still maintaining the core sound of the original Buchla models. They also include new features such as USB and MIDI out, polyphonic aftertouch, and extended tracking capabilities. The Buchla modules are now available for purchase through the Buchla website and the official web store.

Jupiter 8 Desktop Price: 4,299 USD



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