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GB Formatted for use in a modular environment with any module capable of reading from a microSD      13/08/19

Sonalsystem tell us that they shipping a new series of products: custom made microSDs specifically formatted for use in a modular environment with modules like the morphagene, bitbox, blackbox, and virtually any module capable of reading from a microSD. You can see demo videos here.  Here’s their press release with the details…

What kind of “soundware” could open new channels of inspiration for modular users across diverse genres? It would have to be something unique, adaptable, effortless, and pristine.

With an already impressive resume of sound design for major music software developers (including Steinberg, Ableton, Native Instruments, Yamaha, Output and others), SonalSystem is proud to announce its latest venture into content design for hardware with a Micro SD card packed with stunning sound for modular-based composers.

Never satisfied with the already-perfect, we found our sounds even more inspiring chopped, looped, morphed, and filtered through various eurorack units. SonalSystem is the industry’s first to supply multi-compatible third party sound on a dedicated SD card for modular users.

This soundware is simpatico with innovative, industry leading modular units like the 1010 Bit Box/Blackbox, Make Noise Morphagene, Qu-Bit Nebulae, and other great Micro SD equipped gear.

Totally plug and play, our cards are formatted and embedded with meticulously pre-sliced sound at intuitive cue points. Most eurorack modules instantly read the content with no editing necessary.*

Not your average loops and samples, these are high quality recorded audio files, specially edited for use in modular hardware. No need to spend your precious creative time sample editing in a studio plug in these immaculate, pre-edited, embedded (and in some cases, looped!) tracks and focus your energy creating straight from your eurorack.

This Micro SD soundware Pack release covers the core spectrum of sound, promising a sublime experience for anyone with an ear to take something morphable and make it into their own irreproducible showpiece.

  • TranSHIFTED Guitars
  • Dark Matter - Tales From The Synth Side
  • Break Beet Roots
  • additional soundware to be announced @knobcon Sept 6

16G Class 10 micro SD card

*Check your hardware for specific details on how to best integrate the SonalSystem soundware. To ensure compatibility, we recommend installing the latest product firmware update.

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See website for individual pricings.

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