New Sounds For Erica Synths Sample Drum

US SonalSystem release 3 new sound libraries for the module      11/02/22

SonalSystem has announced, in cooperation with Erica Synths, 3 brand new versions of their most popular beat collections optimized for the Sample Drum Eurorack module.

A spokesperson told us, "We tailored full and free versions of these three loop collections, sliced and formatted with start/end points, each mapped with parameters to match Sample Drum's onboard real-time effects section. This lets you get expressively hands-on, transforming beats with attack and decay envelopes, HPF, LPF, delay, reverb, bitcrusher, and drive effects."

Here's SonalSystem's descriptions of the libraries...

Studio recorded on an old Ludwig drum kit with vintage mics through an analog console, this collection captures the classic sound of vintage soul, 70s funk, boom bap, and hip-hop history. Instantly recognizable yet eternally fresh, these break beats are ripe for integration into your next modular rhythmic invention.

  • 200+ spliced loops
  • 90+ one shots
  • 6 Projects organized by BPM
  • CV Mappings


This analog collection of original drum loops covers diverse tempos and styles, and each loop is uniquely inspiring for creating rhythms both intelligent and primal. Ombra has been eaten up by creatives exploring complex sampling and experimenting with avant-garde textures, and there is something here for everyone forging IDM, neurofunk, and tech house tracks.

  • 100 spliced loops
  • 172 one shots
  • 8 Project Files
  • Full CV and Project Mappings

This monster collection of loops was made with big bass, noise and grime, ideal for strikingly emotive music and soundtrack productions. The beats explode with heavy pulses and resounding bass, ready for grinding electronic music and intense cinematic scenes.

  • 400 spliced loops
  • 1 loop presented 3 ways (Clean, FX, Dirty+FX)
  • Projects Organized by BPMs 80 - 150
  • 33 Sample Drum Project Files

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory discount code: samplemethis30 for an instant 30% off the paid versions which are $19.99

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