PolyRhythmic Arpeggiator For iOS

Pagefall Software releases Ioniarics AUv3 plug-in      23/07/19

Pagefall Software tells us that Ioniarics, their third release is a polyrhthmic arpeggiator allowing complex and interesting arpeggiator rhythms to be generated with the turn of a few controls. These rhythms are then used to drive sequences derived from played notes. A West Coast style function generator allows the traditional arpeggiator patterns to be varied over time

A spokesperson told us, "Polyrhythms are an important feature of music the world over but are not always easy to play or program with modern grid based tools - Ioniarics changes that and makes them easy to work with in an arpeggiator format and is great for everything from rhythm tracks and baselines to melodic sequences."

Ioniarics is available for all iOs devices today.  It generates a MIDI output suitable for driving soft synths or hardware synths with a suitable interface. It requires an AU host like AUM or Cubasis.


  • Generate complex  & interesting rhythms quickly and easily
  • Add accents
  • Filter by probability
  • Enhance standard arpeggiator patterns with west coast style function generator
  • Performance ‘snaps’ allow switching of settings while notes are playing


Pricing and Availability:
£6.99 or equivalent on the App Store

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