Autony - Unreliable Sequence Generator

iOs AUv3 plug-in generates sequences that can mutate and change      16/11/18

 Pagefall Software tells us that Autony is a musical sequence generator with a controllable level of unreliability. They say that it creates musical sounding sequences that you can allow to mutate and change as they play to create ever changing, musically interesting parts in your music.

Autony is an AUv3 plugin for iOs. It generates sequences that are musically interesting and gives a great deal of control over them while they are playing from a clock divider that goes from 32nd notes all the way to multiple bars for generative ambience to a built in a fully automate-able note quantiser that even allows the generated notes to be constrained to chords. It embraces what Bram Bos has called the “freeform, modular and MIDI-centric.” nature of the iOs music system and draws on generative traditions like the Turing Machine and Marbles from Mutable Instruments.

You can use Autony for all styles of music from adding texture to banging EDM, beautiful sequences for Berlin style electronica or drifting ambient textures.

Autony is the first in a stream of  releases from Pagefall Software, a new venture designed to bring together musicians and technology. Aiming to create  simple but powerful and highly playable apps and plugins with the music coming first. Technology for Music’s sake.

Autony is available for all iOs devices today. It generates a MIDI output suitable for driving soft synths or hardware synths with a suitable interface. It requires an AU host like AUM or Cubasis.


  • musical sequence generation
  • “reliability” control allows the sequence to mutate and change  
  • clock division from 1/32 to 4 bars to allow for generative ambient
  • built in note quantizer with full midi control
  • quantize to simple chords under midi control

Pricing and Availability:

$3.99 at the app store.

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