Percussa SSP Gets Major Update - Live Stream On Weds With Matt Hodson

US Part 5 (!) will reveal new firmware features      22/07/19

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LIVE STREAM: Weds 24th July at 7pm UK 

The Percussa SSP (Super Signal Processor)  is a deeply powerful and feature laden DSP beast in Eurorack form, with many many features (see below for a list). It allow you to create complex sample/granular/fx/Sequencer patches with multiple outputs and interconnected internal modules.

Sonic TALK panelist Matt Hodson (Matths) has been working on a series of live streams which outlines the features and workflows of this 26HP Eurorack Module.

On Weds of this week Matt will be showing a new OS update which allows the SSP to stream up to 24 channels of audio, CV, trigger, gate and other signals via class compliant USB audio, to and from Mac and Windows computers, at sample rates up to 192kHz.

Which means the SSP can function as a multichannel USB audio/cv/trigger/gate interface, with 16 physical inputs and 8 physical outputs, DC coupled, while simultaneously being able to run modular synthesis patches and record multichannel audio samples to disk.  A great companion to Ableton's new CV TOOLS Max For Live pack.

The SSP is available now at $2000


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