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Modulia Studio is a virtual reality application that allows you to compose and play music      16/05/19

Modulia Studio is a VR app for music creation and performance. Its makers say that, available on the Oculus Store, this app has two main uses: music composition and live performance.

A spokesperson told us, “Modulia Studio offers artists a new way to control music production software such as Ableton Live to make music creation simple, playful and fun. But Modulia Studio is also an atypical scenic experience where the spectator is at the heart of the artist's performance.”

Here's the details from the Modulia Studio press release...

To fully enjoy the app, you need to be equipped with an Oculus Rift and a music production software like Ableton. Then, you will not need any other instrument, everything is "dematerialized" in the application.
The musician creates the studio he needs. He can generate intruments and controllers, remove them when he no longer uses them, simply store them in a single manipulation, in short, modify them at will!
In its "Pro" version, Modulia Studio makes it possible to create a very large amount of instruments without limit. Thanks to this dematerialized studio, creation is no longer constrained by technical issues and it is the end of heavy and cumbersome equipment... Finally, travelling is also made easier as you do not need to carry a lot of devices.
Modulia Studio is made for both novices and experienced musicians. The intuitive app interface allows for immediate ease of use of music production software.
Modulia Studio is a 3D studio that offers a unique experience where creativity is increased by unlimited movements possibilities.

In addition to allowing playful music creation, Modulia Studio offers a singular experience on stage. Thanks to a screen, the public is transported to the heart of the artistic performance! In this way, the artist involves his audience in the creative process.
Modulia Studio has aesthetic camera and visual effects that make Modulia Studio more "visual" than classic musical controllers. The spectator is even more amazed.
Modulia Studio allows its users to either record music or performing it live whether it is on stage or by sharing it on social networks to maintain a strong connection with their communities.

Behind Modulia Studio lies William Dulot, a 24-year-old engineer passionate about music.
As William grew up in the north of France, he developed a passion for Hip Hop and electronic music and felt the need to create his own music so he turned to computer music creation.
He discovered virtual reality during his last year of study and, understanding the huge possibilites offered by this technology, he decided to mix his recent discovery with his passion! Quite quickly, he started to make every effort to concretize his idea: an application that mixes musical creation and virtual reality.
By integrating the Plaine Images incubator in Tourcoing, France, William was able to fully devote himself to his project and launch Modulia Studio!

Pricing and Availability:
Modulia Studio is available on the Oculus Store in 3 editions: Intro (free), Plus ($39.99 USD / 39.99€) and Pro ($199.99 USD / 199.99€).

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