SLAM XL - A Channel And Bus Fattener

Control over EQ, saturation, compression, limiting and stereo expansion in one plug-in      18/03/19

Following on from their Slam Series plug-ins, Slam Dawg, and Slam Pro, Beatskillz has released SLAM XL which they describe as that “perfect” channel and bus fattener, that can instantly bring your beats, keyboards, live instruments, vocals or percussion to life, without the need of chains of plugins or very complicated plugins, which take more time and are difficult to use. Here’s more in the company’s own words…

The easy and appealing interface of Slam XL gives you instant control over equalization, saturation, compression, limiting and stereo expansion right out of the box from one plugin, so you don’t have to reach out for other plugins or break your creative flow.

But.. this is not the only reason. For us at Beatskillz, SOUND is “everything!” We went insane capturing 6 analog paths involving transformers, tubes, and transistors for our Saturation Section.
Wait till you plug this guy into your channels or busses, and quickly tweak the sound to get pleasing results fast!

With a plethora of presets already included to get you started, Slam XL might just become the “first” plugin you will reach for when producing or mixing your tracks.

Low latency and CPU light processing enable you to live track your instruments, vocals or drum machines & keyboards in real-time, so you can shape the sounds of your music very very quickly.

Pricing and Availability:

Introductory price: $79 (regular price: $149)
If you own Slam Pro, Get Slam XL at $49
If you own Slam Dawg, Get Slam XL at $69

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