Is That Thing Missing From Your Tracks?

Beatskillz' multi-FX plug-in recreates the punch of older drum machines and synths      28/09/15

Is That Thing Missing From Your Tracks?

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Beatskillz describes That Thing as a soundscape processing plug-in for Mac and Windows that's designed to get you "That Thing" missing from digitally perfect tracks today. A spokesperson told us, "There was something about older drum machines and synths that made them sound punchier and more pleasing than today's clinically perfect sounds."

They tell us that the plug-in features a chorus section to thicken anything from synths, vocals, bass, pads drums and other sounds, while a soundscape generator features 50 samples of old vinyl players, tape machines, old radio, tube gear, atmospheres, ambiences etc. These soundscapes work via an envelope follower - A spokesperson said, "The sounds add in only when signal is present and move and pan with the level of the signal. You can easily change the pitch of the soundscape to make it work with any audio you pass through it."

The plug-in also features a bit crusher and distortion that emulates the sound of vintage drum machines giving you a choice of 8/12/16 and 24 bit audio. There is also an analog Low Cut and High Cut filter section designed to shape your sounds further. A wet and dry fader is included to blend in the effects with your original audio.


  • Multi Effects Plugin- Customize your tracks to sound different.
  • Bit Crusher – Emulate Vintage Drum Machines.
  • Analog Modelled Chorus – For wide, thick & rich sounds.
  • Soundscape Generator: Vinyl, Tape, Tube & Nature – 50 included.
  • Analog Modelled Filters – Low Cut and High Cut Filters.
  • Great on Drums, Synths, Vocals, Bass, Pads and other sounds.

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