Sonic TALK: Resynator Special

Alison Tavel and Tara Busch demonstrate      07/03/19


We get a rare chance to see and hear the Resynator - a unique hybrid DSP and synthesis instrument, with the daighter of its creator Alison Tavel, together with electronic music artist Tara Busch - known as I speak Machine.

This episode replaced the scheduled live stream, which had to be cancelled due to a persistent network error - but we're back next time!

Please check out our new Freeze Machines Racks for Ableton Live - lush, atmospheric frozen reverb textures:

Freeze Machines from Sonicstate

Where to Watch/Listen - We now stream the live show to Youtube LiveFacebook Live as well as at every Weds at 4pm UK time- please do join in. You can also download the audio version from iTunes




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