MeeBlip Releases cubit MIDI Splitter

Share one MIDI OUT with multiple pieces of gear      10/12/18

MeeBlip Releases cubit MIDI Splitter

MeeBlip has announced the arrival of their cubit MIDI splitter, which they describe as a clever little box that copies MIDI messages from a MIDI IN to four MIDI OUT jacks. Here’s a description in their own words…

Our new cubit MIDI Splitter is a deceptively simple device that copies all MIDI messages received at the MIDI IN and passes them to each of the four MIDI OUT jacks. Each output is processed through an ultra-low latency active circuit.

cubit lets you share one MIDI OUT with multiple pieces of gear (no more repatching!) and easily distributes MIDI clock to your setup.

All of the jacks are on the top, so you can fit cubit into seriously small spaces. It's powered from a computer USB port (cable included) or use the optional 5V power adapter for stand-alone use.


  •     Passes all data from the MIDI IN to four MIDI OUT jacks
  •     Ultra-low latency hardware MIDI pass-through
  •     Runs on 5V Power from a computer USB port or optional USB power adapter
  •     Opto-isolated MIDI IN to reduce ground loops
  •     Individual active signal processing for each MIDI OUT
  •     Bright green MIDI data indicator LED flashes when you're receiving MIDI
  •     Measures: 4.25" x 3" x 1", weighs 92 g (3.25 oz)
  •     Includes 3 ft (1 m) USB cable
  •     Optional 5V USB power adapter available
  •     Made in Canada


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