Synth Warmer

Moog ladder filter emulated      15/10/18

Kazrog tells us that Synth Warmer is an emulation of the classic 70s ladder filter from the most famous monosynth of all time, complete with overload distortion and self oscillation.

A spokesperson said, "You can use this plug-in to warm up tracks or create total sonic havoc."


  • Classic Low and High Pass Filters
  • 24 dB and 12 dB per octave topologies
  • Next-gen analog emulation based on a 1973 “model d” monosynth in the Kazrog studio
  • Drive circuit with +48 dB of gain on tap for the classic “jacked in” sound
  • Wet/dry blend
  •  VST / AU / AAX, Mac and Windows


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