Analog Wave Limiter Updated For Extra Bass

rockruepel REV2 is now available with new Electronic Dance-Mod      15/10/18

Analog Wave Limiter Updated For Extra Bass

MasteringWorks has announced the 2nd revision for what they say is the only real, analog wave limiter. They tell us that the rockruepel, which combines actual brick-wall limiting control with sound design for uneven mixes as well as single track level control, has a new feature: The ED-Mod. (aka Electronic Dance-Mod).

A spokesperson said,  "Inspired by engineers who work with electronic music, the ED-Mod sets a smooth High Pass Filter on the limiting circuit for a richer and lower frequency sound. Obviously creating more of an effect than actual brick wall limiting this allows mix and mastering engineers to get a more dense stereo track with lots of bass. The has found its place in many studios around the world and can already be heard on dozens of grammy and platinum awarded records."

About MasteringWorks:
MasteringWorks GmbH was founded in October of 2009 by Stefan Heger with a dedicated focus on mastering and the special needs of mastering engineers.  MasteringWorks provides an all around service and assists in the planning of equipment for studios. MasteringWorks is the exclusive European Distributor for Dangerous Music, Sterling Modular, Guzauski-Swist and rockruepel products. The website offers tips and tricks and the newest information about mastering.

Pricing and Availability:
The is available at all official MasteringWorks Dealers for 3499€ incl. 19% VAT.

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