First Look: Novation SLMK3 - Keyboard , Control, Sequencers + CV

Next generation SL MkIII could be the hub of your setup      10/10/18

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Novation has announced the next generation of SL keyboard controllers. They say that SL Mk3 is far from your typical keyboard controller. It’s an all sequencing, all dancing hub for all of your music-making tools. We had a visit from Chris Calcutt and a table full of gear to show us how the new model will integrate into a setup. We must say it does seem pretty impressive with a ton of features.

Gaz and Chris pretty much covered all the features in this presentation, so if you want to get the full facts, sit back and enjoy.

Key features

  • Absolute hardware control, taking total control directly from the internal eight-track polyphonic pattern-based sequencer
  • Easy integration with Ableton® Live™ or any other HUI-compatible DAW. Controlling software is made easy by recording productions from a studio centre-piece
  • Whether in the box or outside the box, the MIDI and analogue clock and transport controls keep everything running in time
  • Highly customizable mappings for hardware and software easily control everything
  • USB; MIDI In, Out, Out 2/Thru; three pedal inputs; Analogue Clock Out; and two CV Pitch, Gate, and Mod outputs can be used to route anything anywhere
  • SL MkIII's pads, buttons, eight faders and eight knobs take control of all major music software using InControl
  • The SL MkIII has an exceptionally high scan rate of 10kHz, giving the keyboard a huge dynamic range for expressive keyboard performance
  • SL MkIII's velocity-sensitive RGB pads have multiple functions: they can be used for launching clips, as steps in the sequencer, they are perfect for the finger drummer, and have polyphonic aftertouch
  • Components allows templates and sessions to be backed up and restored in the cloud, enabling access from anywhere in the world. All content can also be saved locally


Pricing and Availability:

SL 49 $599 SL61 $699 - available soon

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