N.I Komplete 12 With New Massive X, Kontakt 6

US 4 Versions, the more you spend the Kompleter it gets      07/09/18

its that time of year again and Native Instruments have announced their latest Komplete 12 - a way to buy some/most/all of Native Instruments software and expansions at a big saving of the individual parts.

Komplete 12 will also include the all new Massive X (available Feb 2019)

Massive X

Massive X marks a new generation of Native Instruments’ most recognised, influential, and successful instrument to date. Like the original, it will inspire a generation of producers, give birth to music genres, and generate opinion in music makers around the world. Over 10 years since the first incarnation, Massive returns, created by the same people who created the first version, to define contemporary sound.

  • Massive X sets the new standard for contemporary synthesis, and is a must-have for all modern producers – gold standard for sound quality

  • Total control lets you create exactly the sounds you want, and leads you to new ideas

  • Scale and depth of sound library inspire new ideas

  • Player view offers simplified options for basic use cases

And also the new Kontakt 6:


The new generation of the industry-leading software sampler offers new instruments in the library, and a wealth of enhancements for builders, including a wavetable oscillator module, new effects, and dedicated Creator Tools. Kontakt is the foundation of pro audio – and whether you’re playing instruments in Kontakt, writing scores, designing sounds, or building your own instruments, Kontakt 6 will greatly enhance how you do it. The latest generation of the world’s leading sampler offers an extended instrument library, a wavetable oscillator, new effects, and dedicated Creator Tools.

  • 3 new library instruments are original, fun, and offer great sound

  • Using the full version gives producers access to a world of inspiration in the form of third-party instruments

  • New wavetable module opens up entirely new sound design possibilities

  • New effects, including Replika XT and new reverbs give sound designers new options

  • Creator Tools make building instruments quicker and easier e.g. debugging

Komplete 12 comes in four versions (available for preorder now - released October 1st)

Komplete 12 Select: ($199/£159)

  • 14 premium instruments and effects
  • 3 Expansions
  • More than 7000 sounds
  • 45 GB library

Komplete 12: ($599/£479)

  • More than 50 premium instruments and effects
  • 10 Expansions
  • More than 25,000 sounds
  • 220 GB library

Komplete 12 Ultimate: ($1199/£959)

  • 100+ premium instruments and effects
  • 20 Expansions
  • More than 47,000 sounds
  • 600 GB library

Komplete Collector’s Edition: ($1599/£1279)

  • 150+ products
  • 45+ Expansions
  • More than 90,000 sounds
  • 900 GB library

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