Little Boots On A Massive Modular Controller

Performing Shadows on MAUD      10/07/18

LITTLE BOOTS - "Shadows" (feat. MAUD) from incite on Vimeo.



Little Boots - aka Victoria Christina Hesketh, who has been performing electronic music first in the UK and now resident in LA, (you may know her for her involvement in the Yamaha Tenori-On remember that?), has just released a video of her performing "Shadows" from her itunes chart topping EP "Burn".

Shes using MAUD a custom art/performance tool, described as a the macro modular vertical synthesizer , created by LA based designers incite. Essentially its a massive Ableton controller which she plays after working on programming the stems and samples to work in Live. She could stack loops, play melodies, and improvise with MAUD's various triggers, essentially rebuilding Shadows in a live setting,

An interesting idea, and one that was an enjoyable one - reminds us of one of those massive walls of controls you see in 1950's power station photos.

“When I first saw video footage I was blown away, as I’ve always been fascinated by ways of bringing electronic music to life in performance, and was obviously attracted by the classic modular synthesiser design on a life size scale. The effect of MAUD was so instantaneous I knew I had to reach out and see if there was a way we could work together. Nate, Dave and the incite team were incredible from the start, and made me think about new ways of playing and performing I would never have come up with alone. Their interpretation of my latest track ‘Shadows’ was truly unique, and I think we all feel we have achieved something very special with this performance.”

More on Little Boots:

MAUD is inspired by classic synthesizers and pays homage to pioneering artists who leveraged technology to push the limits of music. Using conductive paint, reactive LEDs, ultrasonic and IR sensors, MAUD is programmable to playback and control the parameters of custom sounds and samples and allows people to experience electronic music in a tactile, immersive way. 


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