Audio Normalization In Any Host

BeatRig Grimm Audio LevelNorm version 2 update adds functionality for every DAW      25/05/18

Audio Normalization In Any Host

BeatRig Grimm Audio tell us that LevelNorm has been the industry standard for one click audio normalization in Avid ProTools and Media Composer for years. They say that many broadcasters around the globe rely on LevelNorm for program normalization by their editors and journalists. Now with version 2 its functionality comes to every DAW. A spokesperson told us, “Compliance to EBU R128, ATSC A/85 and CALM act requirements has never been so fast, easy and affordable!”

Here’s more details direct from the company…

The user interface of LevelNorm 2 is kept as simple as possible so R128 compliance can be achieved equally well by audio experts and video editors with limited audio engineering skills. Application of LevelNorm 2 is not limited to finalize a mix for broadcast, but can also aid in matching levels of audio clips while editing or to prepare background tracks with a preset loudness offset. The high processing speed of LevelNorm 2 fits perfectly in a hectic production environment with tight deadlines like news item editing.

LevelNorm 2 supports a very wide range of DAWs via the AU, VST and AAX plugin platforms. It analyzes both the program loudness and the dialog loudness automatically. Warnings can be given for max M and max S, LRA, True Peak and a limit for the difference between program loudness and dialog loudness, ‘I-VL’. When the actual normalization takes place, a peak limiter ensures your audio is always on target without any clipping. Custom target levels increase the flexibility beyond just EBU or ATSC compliance.

LevelNorm 2 operates in two modes. In realtime mode it measures while you edit or play the audio, and memorizes the result so you just need to re-measure changed parts. Adjustment to target is then achieved even without a single click. This mode is compatible with AU, VST and AAX plugin formats. In offline or ‘AudioSuite’ mode LevelNorm 2 measures clips offline and much faster than realtime. This mode is compatible with AAX only. The unique flexibility of using one plugin for direct loudness normalization on all platforms clearly sets LevelNorm v2 apart from the rest.

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