Chris Carter's Chemistry Lessons - Exclusive Video

New 25 track album now on Mute from Throbbing Gristle Founder      16/04/18

Chris Carter is one of the founding members of Throbbing Gristle, and as such has been involved in experimental electronic music, influencing countless subsequent musicians as well as designing several of his own unique processors - one recently re-made with Tip Top Audio - the special TG-ONE  as well as the Gristleizer (with Future Sound Systems).

His new solo album "Chris Carter's Chemistry lessons Volume One" is available now on Mute Records at

Its pretty melodic and minimal, a collection of short musical pieces  - totaling 25 tracks, quite different from the usual Throbbing Gristle - which is a more challenging listen. Worth also exploring some of the earlier Chris and Cosey back catalogue - really innovative stuff for the time, the roots of a lot of modern acid and trance in there.

To support the release of the album Chris has released a series of videos (Chris Carter Chemistry Lessons), focussing on the processes involved in the project. We snaffled an exclusive look at Chris in the studio showing the Logic multi-tracks and an explanation of how he put together the track Blissters. Chris has been working more minimally, with quite low track counts (compared to what he usually uses with Throbbing Gristle). 

See below for the promo of Blissters.

Keep an eye out on the Mute Youtube channel for more in the series - here's another where Chris shows his Pedal Board:


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