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Flux:: releases SPAT Revolution      18/09/17

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Flux:: Sound & Picture Development, creating audio software tools in partnership with IRCAM, one of the world's leading public research institutes within the fields of musical expression, sound, and acoustics, has announced the release of SPAT Revolution. Here's the story in their own words...

The Audio industry is undergoing a profound evolution and Flux:: Spat Revolution is here to tackle it. Total immersion is the future of the gaming and entertainment industries. Augmented reality is no longer an abstract notion, it is now dramatically affecting how we work, play, educate, and communicate, as data is being converted to construct a totally 3D immersive environment.

SPAT Revolution is the long awaited answer for sound-designers and sound-engineers that need a solid real-time 3D-audio mixing engine that offers the possibility to control the position of any audio-sources in a three-dimensional environment.

SPAT Revolution mixes, reverberates and spatializes audio from any types of microphones, arrays, high order Ambisonic captures, and from any type of pre-produced stems. The Spat Revolution can handle any number of channels from Stereo, QUAD, 5.1, 7.1, Atmos, Auro 3D, etc. Multiple 3D-spatialisation technologies (VBAP, DBAP, HOA, Binaural, etc.) can be combined, mixed and rendered in different formats simultaneously. It can even export the result as "audio stems" to be used in any other 3rd party audio engine.

Spat Revolution's intuitive modular object based concept offers the ability to specify and automate the spatialization parameters independently from the output format. "Open Sound Control" supports different types of hardware and software inputs/outputs with full network support for audio and automation. The Innovative 3D-audio signal visualisation modes and precise signal level controls provide a simple, ergonomic and inspiring working environment.

Created for audio professionals, working in the fields of audio mixing, post-production, sound design, VR-engine audio, computer game audio, live and installation sound, SPAT Revolution is designed to easily integrate with various different workflows using standard hardware audio interfaces, networked audio, and a software audio gateway plug-in to communicate with all major DAWs with full AAX, AU and VST audio plug-ins support.

SPAT Revolution is a ground-breaking software that has been designed to deliver the highest 3D audio mixing quality and satisfy the growing industry's "immersive audio" sonic demands.

Main Features

  • Unlimited number of audio inputs/outputs (Only limited by Computer & Audio HW specifications)
  • DAW input/output integration using AAX, AU and VST audio plug-ins
  • Control and Automation of any Sources, Rooms and Masters using AAX, AU or VST plug-ins and/or local path over an OSC network.
  • Unlimited number of sources (Mono, Multichannel, Ambisonic etc.)
  • Sample rates up to 384 KHz supported
  • Multiple stream formats supported; Channel-Based (C.B), Higher-Order Ambisonic (HOA), A-Format, B-Format, UHJ, Mid-Side (MS), Binaural, Transaural.
  • Unlimited number of spatialisation buses supported
  • Input/Output Transcoders; C.B to C.B ; Channel splitter aggregator, HOA to HOA for conversion of normalisation and channel-arrangement, HOA to C.B, A-Format to C.B, MS to C.B, etc.
  • Loudspeaker configuration editor with presets for current essential formats: Stereo, QUAD, 5.1, 7.1, CUBE, Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, Mpeg H, Demi Shpere, NHK 22.2, and various other formats.
  • Time alignment and gain compensation function for loudspeakers
  • Binaural Monitoring
  • Artificial reverberation utilising IRCAM's spatialization engine
  • Perceptual control of the acoustic quality of the room effect; Warmth & Brilliance, Presence & Proximity of the source, Room Presence, Early & Late Reverberation, Intimacy, Vivacity
  • Simplified control of the source radiation (opening and orientation)
  • Low level signal processing, Equalisation, Doppler Effect, Air Absorption
  • Precise signal level control
  • 3D Scene view
  • Unique visualisation of the signal distribution in the 3D space
  • Fast, fluid and customisable graphical interface
  • Highly optimised rendering (low CPU consumption)
  • External Control using OSC
  • Supports HRTF files in AES-69 SOFA, with Manager and connection to the IRCAM server


SPAT Revolution is available for Mac OS X and Windows with Hardware I/O support for ASIO (Windows) and Core Audio (Mac OS X). DAW Audio input/output using plug-ins (AAX, AU, VST)

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