128 Patches For DeepMind 12

US GeoSynths releases Deeper Vol.1 sound set      30/01/17

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GEOSynths has released Deeper Vol.1 , a full bank of 128 Patches for the Behringer DeepMind 12. Here's the story direct from GEOSynths...

The Behringer DeepMind 12 is a marvel of a Synthesizer, in terms of features, quality and affordability.

After owning many synths over the past 30 years or so, I've had many that are good at particular sounds or modulation, but rarely a good all rounder.

No Synth is ever going tick every box, but some do get very close, though usually at a very high cost and still with limitations, especially with an analogue architecture.

The DeepMind 12 shatters the illusion of what we have come to see with true analogue Poly Synths, both old and new, to create an instrument that creates a wide and diverse range of sounds.

With this, I have been able to create 128 fresh, new patches, that cover, Pads and Strings, bass and Lead, Keys and Organ and a whole host of other great sounds.

they are now available to purchase and contain the full Bank as 1 file and also a folder of each patch as an individual file.  The Zip file contains a "Setting Up" video, including "Back Up" of existing onboard Banks.

I hope you enjoy these Patches, as much as I did making them and they have inspired a number of Track ideas already!

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