Entry-Level Roland Keyboards

US Roland announces GO-61 keyboard and piano series for beginning players      06/01/17

Entry-Level Roland Keyboards

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At the CES show in Las Vegas, Roland is previewing what they describe as a unique keyboard and piano series that introduces an affordable new concept for making music and learning to play. They say that the GO-61K GO:KEYS offers options for beginning musicians who want to create music with no formal training, and the GO-61P GO:PIANO is dedicated to those who wish to learn to play the piano with no prior experience.

A spokesperson told us, "The instruments and the onboard sounds are derived from Roland professional synthesizers and pianos, so they promise an easy transition to Roland models with more advanced feature sets as playing skills improve. A first for their price point, both models in the series also offer Bluetooth connectivity for added musical and learning possibilities."

Here's a full description direct from Roland...

The portable, battery-powered, GO-61K GO:KEYS offers music-making possibilities for those interested in creating their own music but have not learned to play piano notes or chords or even read music. Its unique design offers intuitive, one-touch operation in which different instrument sounds are assigned to a range of keys on the keyboard. A simple key press will create a musical pattern in real time using the instrument sound of the user's choice, and an X-Y controller enables the sounds to be easily tweaked. The GO-61K contains more than 500 high-quality sounds. A touch panel and backlit LCD makes it easy to select the perfect sound and musical genre. Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones or tablets lets users jam with their favorite music or record songs using music creation apps. Built-in speakers and headphones jack offer on-the-go sound anywhere.

The battery-powered GO-61P GO:PIANO features 61 full-size piano-style keys and high-quality sound derived from Roland's professional digital piano models, all in an affordable package designed for beginners who are just starting to learn how to play the piano. Included are authentic piano sounds, plus a variety of instrument sounds such as organs, strings, and more. Sound selection is quick and convenient via a touch panel and backlit LCD. The GO-61P also offers Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones or tablets, for jamming with favorite tunes, playing along with music apps, accessing piano lesson apps, watching instructional videos, and more. Also included are onboard practice features, a headphones jack for private practice, and a built-in speaker system that enables players to entertain or practice.

Pricing and Availability:
The GO:KEYS and GO:PIANO will be available winter 2017 for an estimated street price of $299 for GO:KEYS and $329 for GO:PIANO.

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