100 Polivoks Synths For Sale This Week

Online auction starts Saturday for the limited edition re-issue of the classic Russian synth      06/12/16

100 Polivoks Synths For Sale This Week

Buying Choices

Following our news story about the re-issue of the classic Russian Polivoks synth being available to order, the company behind it has been in touch to tell us that they have received a lot of letters from Sonicstate readers with questions about how to buy their synthesizer. Well, for anyone who's been wondering, they have announced that from the 10th to 16th of December 2016, ie from this Saturday, they will be running an online auction for selling the limited edition of 100 synths made in 2016. If you want one, check out the website listed below...

Pricing and Availability:
$1850 minimum bid. See website for full details...

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