Polivoks Re-issue Now Available To Order

Classic Russian synth - 100 units only      02/08/16

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The sound of the Polivoks is a very unique, something about the Russian engineering, a synth designed in a cultural bubble (it was originally designed during the Cold War Era) made it something very different. Edgy, uncontrollable, visceral - all words used to describe its sound. It was also made using the most curious types of plastic for switches and keybed.

The new re-issue, dispenses with the keyboard and shrinks down the size, but is built using 85% Russian sourced original components for authenticity. Its also got the original cyrillic script on the front panel - something that makes the original rather impenetrable at first go. However, there is a set of parameter translations on the base of the unit.

Here are some shots of the new machine - they just announced that the first 100 are available to order via polivoks.pro. We think the pricing is in the region of $2000, so not the perhaps the most affordable synth and there is no information on when the new batch will be ready.


Polivoks 3/4


Side by side


Polivoks detail


Polivoks translations

Rear connections - including on board MIDI

Polivoks rear panel


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