Focusrite Launches Plug-In Collective

US Monthly plug-in deals announced for registered customers      04/08/16

Focusrite Launches Plug-In Collective

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Focusrite says that their new, ultra-low latency interfaces open up a world of possibilities for recording and overdubbing, using multiple DAW plug-ins in real time instead of needing to use outboard DSP or relying on control software to monitor your inputs. Here's their take on plug-ins and their new initiative in helping you buy them...

There's no shortage of great plug-ins today, with new and exciting instruments and effects coming out all the time – but which to choose?

At Focusrite, we believe in freedom – the freedom to choose the plug-ins that get musicians, producers and engineers their signature sound. To help in the quest, Focusrite is working with some of the most innovative and prestigious plug-in companies around to provide exclusive offers, tutorial content and more.

This is the Focusrite Plug-In Collective. Every month, Focusrite offers exclusive deals from the world's leading plug-in companies to registered Focusrite customers – and not just interface owners, but owners of any registered Focusrite product. In August, for example, the Plug-In Collective features a free iZotope DDLY dynamic delay plug-in, worth $49, plus a 15% discount from the iZotope store.

Pricing and Availability:
A new promotion for Focusrite customers will be made available each month, and registered customers will receive an email with the latest offer as soon as it is available.

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