Aphex Twin's New EP Looks Like an Ad For a Vintage Synth

US He's up to his old tricks again      07/06/16

Aphex Twin's New EP Looks Like an Ad For a Vintage Synth

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So it looks like Aphex Twin is set to release a new EP imminently. Several record stores have reported receiving a poster that looks more like a synth ad than a record ad.

The new EP titled Cheetah has some curious text that seems to suggest that this is not an EP at all but a synthesizer.

"The Aphex Twin Cheetah EP uses digital sound generation techniques combined with wave sequencing technology to bring you sounds with movement and depth rarely found on records today.

To assure you that your Cheetah EP will give you many years of enjoyment, please be sure to read the owners manual carefully before attempting to operate the Cheetah EP.

If you wish to experiment and create some sounds of your own, first try editing some sounds we've already made for you, before attempting to create a patch from scratch.

We sincerely hope that having battled through the programming of the Cheetah EP, you have not become familiar with the exceptional potential of this record.

Have fun programming, and if you create any superb patches and tones which you feel deserve to be appreciated by other Cheetah EP buyers, send a MIDI System Dump of them, on a disc to us at WARP and if we also think they are superb, you could be rewarded for your efforts. Try us!"

So what do you think? is it an EP? or is it a synth? We're guessing we'll find out soon enough. But in the past Richard D James has discussed working with a Chinese programmer on some custom software, so it could well be something slightly unusual....

EDIT: Some of the notes from the ad are actually the blurb from the Cheetah MS800 Synth from the 1980s!!

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