Sonic LAB: Sonnox Oxford Envolution Transient Processor

For Universal Audio UAD2      06/06/16
    MP4 19:3 mins    

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Dynamic transient processing is a useful tool in the processing arsenal. The Sonnox Oxford Envolution takes the concepts and adds a few interesting extra features.

Essentially it's a way to process transients allowing them to be emphasized or de-emphasized - adding punch and smack to drums and other attack rich material.

The Envolution increases the ability to pinpoint the areas to process by adding frequency dependent transient engines - there's two of them - one handles the transient (attack portion)  of the sound, the other the sustain.

This allows for some pretty creative or forensic work to be done.

Our resident  UAD2 owner Tosh puts it through it's paces.



  • Shape percussion, piano, and guitar far beyond EQ and compression
  • Easily target frequency dependent control of transients and sustain
  • Add presence and/or distance to drums, piano, guitar, and more - beyond reverb
  • Apply the Warmth control for harmonic saturation and further tone shaping


Available for Universal Audio UAD2 DSP platform £189/$249



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