Modular Synths Bring Ballet into the 21st Century

Scanner uses modular synths mixed with live strings and woodwind      09/05/16

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The Ballet is not somewhere you would usually expect to find the sounds of modular synths. However this new ballet Tomorrow, choreographed by Lucie Guerin and scored by Scanner takes electronic sounds and mixes it up with live orchestral works.

To ensure that the ballet could be repeated the modular synth part of the music had to be recorded, Scanner had this to say about the process:

"It's been such a fun adventure. Composing a 25 minute score with Pamela's Workout driving MI Elements, Harvestman Piston Honda, modulated by Modcon LFO, through MI Ripples, SynthTech E560 and Three Sisters Filter and more. It's this ever flowing fluid pulse that moves through different states as the live orchestral players interact with it."

Tomorrow is an adaptation of Macbeth, that gives physical life to the psycological conflict that led a man to murder.

It is being filmed and recorded by the BBC and will be available to view online for six months at BBC Arts Online.

Opening tomorrow in London's Sadler Wells theatre it will run until Saturday and then will continue to tour the country for the next two years.

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