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Pro Sound Effects Halloween Haunted House app builds custom horror soundscapes      27/10/15

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OK, it's Halloween on Saturday and Pro Sound Effects says that if you are looking for the best Halloween music and sound effects all in one place, their Halloween Haunted House app has you covered. Here's the full details in their own words...

Waiting around for trick-or-treaters? Experiment with different horrifying combinations to make your house the spookiest in town! Hosting a Halloween party with crafts or pumpkin carving? Give your guests a night they'll never forget filled with auditory chills and thrills!

Pro Sound Effects, the next level sound library company, has unveiled a new smartphone app to strike fear into the hearts of Halloween trick-or-treaters! Halloween Haunted House puts the power of DIY sonic terror at your fingertips with the ability to create your own scary soundtracks from scratch. Tap, swipe and shake to mix your choice of Halloween-themed songs with a huge selection of spine-chilling sound effects and ambiences for a fully customizable holiday experience.

First, browse the Music Player and choose from a wide variety of disturbing and festive music tracks to lay the foundation of your soundscape. These include reimagined Halloween classics like "Nightmare on Elm Street" and a heavy metal "Monster Mash", as well as eerie original compositions like "Night of Terror" and "Howling Souls". Then, head over to the Sound FX Player to layer on as many sound effects as your wicked heart desires! Trigger, loop, and mix sounds ranging from bloodcurdling to silly in categories like Cat Meows, Goblins, Monster Growls, Organ Slides, Screams, Thunderstorms, Witch Cackles, Zombie Bats & more!

Halloween Haunted House App Features List:

  • 30 spooky songs including classics and originals
  • 168 Halloween-themed sound effects in 28 categories
  • Trigger, loop, and adjust the volume of each sound effect
  • Control the balance of music and sound effects
  • Shake your phone to stop all sound at once

Pricing and Availability:
Free version available from app store.
Update to full version for $4.99

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