Flexible Portable Eurorack Systems - Matttech Modular 30/10/15

A workshop for beginners and verterans alike      09/10/15

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Matttech Modular is the North of England's newest, first and only modular synthesizer store, based in Manchester. Focussing initially on the Eurorack format. We had a chat with Matt Preston at DivKid's Modular Meet in Leeds.

Later this month Matttech will present a workshop on flexible and portable modular systems at the MadLab in Manchester. This is the second workshop from Matttech and will feature three small portable eurorack systems each with a different aim and purpose.

Matt Preston will be joined by Ben "DivKid" Wilson and Matthew Shaw to present their own take on a portable and flexible modular system.

The event will feature explanations of the system planning processes, demonstrations of the cases in action, some hands-on time and Q&A, and time permitting a short jam involving all three setups locked together in perfect harmony!

In the run up to the workshop we have asked all the participators to show us the systems they have designed and give us a quick explanation on what exactly the system is trying to achieve.

Video walkthrough's of the systems will be caught by DivKid, so keep an eye on his youtube channel.

The event will take place on the 30th October at MadLab, Manchester. Keep up to date through theĀ Facebook event!

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