Roland JD-Xi Available In White - Not JD-XA Though

US Limited edition only      01/09/15

Roland JD-Xi Available In White - Not JD-XA Though

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"Anything other than black and red" has been the cry from many a prospective JD-Xi/A user (check our reviews)- a sentiment which which we heartily concur. Red on glossy black is a little tricky for anything but but the eagle-eyed.

So, we saw the custom white JD-XA for DJ Hardwell , and now Roland have announced a special, limited edition white JD-Xi - a synth which apparently has become one of the best selling synthesizers in the US market since it was released.

The white version will be available as a special, limited edition run - we don't know the numbers available, or if it will be priced any differently,  but we guess they must be making a few.

To see what we thought of the mini-synth workstation which features a single analog voice combined with a SuperNATURAL sound engine - see our review.

For the JD-XA - we published a couple - one focussing on the Analog Engine and one on the rest of the features including the SuperNATURAL sound engine and the sequencer.


Perhaps the JD-XA will be next in white? We hope so...


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