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US Now features extensive product info, dealer contact info, news and events, and videos      07/07/15

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Manley Labs, a manufacturer of high-quality, hand-built, professional audio products, has announced the debut of its completely redesigned Web site. They say that, featuring a contemporary look and feel, with large, beautiful graphics, the new home page invites you to dive in deeper. When you do, they say that you'll find extensive product information, dealer contact information, news and events, and a variety of videos.

A streamlined menu structure makes it easy to navigate the new site and quickly find what you want. The Support section includes a completely rewritten FAQ with lots of useful information.

Manley Labs says that a highlight of the site is the new factory tour, (as seen above), a fun and highly informative video tour with company president EveAnna Manley. Not only do you learn a lot about the company, its leader, and its facility in sunny Southern California, you learn a bit about tubes and how Manley chooses and uses them.

"We put a lot of thought and work into this new Web site, and it shows," says Manley. "The site is loaded with content, and we're adding more. Now our customers can find the information they want quickly and easily, and they can get a sense of who we are as a company."

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