Noise Kitchen Synth Fest

Workshops and more in Brno, Czech republic      22/05/15

Noise Kitchen Synth Fest

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Bastl Instruments and others have announced the first year of Synth Fest in Brno, Czech republic.

The Synth Fest will take place between the 12th and 16th of June. On the friday there will be a meet of sorts where synthesizer manufacturers will present their instruments. For a small event the list of manufacturers is already quite sizable; Elektron, Koma Elektronik, Erica Synth, Burnkit, Soulsby, Din Sync, Error Instruments and many more.

The weekend will also host a range of different synth workshops where you can:

"Build top synths for crazy low prices"

Throughout the evenings the meets/events will transform into a party with master clock sharing and various artists including; Projekt Dataline, HRTL and Peter Kirn.

The Synth Fest also encapsulates the launch and opening of the new Noise Kitchen synth shop in the heart of Brno.

Check out the web page for more details, including a timetable of events.

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