Get Your Modular Started With A Case

Choices for price and expandability      05/05/15

Buying Choices
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Edd Butterworth writes: The decision to start your modular synth is always a difficult one, not to be taken lightly. Especially if you have a life outside synthesis that you'd like to think you'll be able to keep going once you start. Remember your partner also needs some "you" time.

But relationship advice aside, where exactly do you start? What module? what type of module? How deep will the rabbit hole go etc - we can tell you - very deep!

But before you even start to get excited about modules, you'll need a case.

There are many options when it comes to Eurorack cases, you can spend vast amounts on gorgeous Tolex covered beauties (See Monorocket), or clever, foldable metalwork,  but we figured the best way to start is affordable and expandable.

But watch out, even if you do start small,  as with many Class A drugs, Eurorack or Eurocrack as it's also known, will take over your life.


Doepfer Low Cost Cases

Doepfer 3U

Seems like the obvious choice right? Being the first people to start using the Eurorack format for synth modules it makes sense.


Well here's a few things to think about

  • one of the most reliable and renowned power supplies

  • cheapest for most about of space

But also,

  • pretty ugly...

  • not so travel friendly

Some doepfer power supplies don't have +5v however, which you will need for a lot of newer digital modules, however you can get an adapter from mutable instruments for a few quid

Or for people who really wan to start small, there is always the Doepfer minicase

Or those with DIY Skills can also build their own power supply


3u 84hp - €180

6u - €240

9u - €280

minicase - €75

DIY option - €140


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