Plug-In Offers Optical And VCA Compression

US Sknote releases SDC Stereo Double Compressor for Mac and Windows      01/05/15

Plug-In Offers Optical And VCA Compression

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Sknote has released SDC (Stereo Double Compressor). On each channel it has an optical compressor followed by a VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) compressor (Discrete). The first one controls the average signal level with the typical electroluminescent panel musical behaviour. The discrete one controls peaks, adding snap or full control. Sknote says that it's great and versatile for mixing on all kinds of sources, extremely useful and effective for mastering.


  • Three optical models, based on measurements on several ELP (electroluminescent panels) and LDR (light dependent resistors) couples.
  • Three transformer models, from clean to quite dirty.
  • Mid/Side encoding and decoding matrix. Full control on stereo image with two sides processing Mid and Side components separately.
  • Several metering options.


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