Drum Isolation System Upgraded

Auralex V2 HoverDeck reduces coloration from floor resonance      01/05/15

Drum Isolation System Upgraded

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Auralex Acoustics, Inc. is now shipping the HoverDeck V2, the latest upgraded iteration of its popular ISO Series Drum and Percussion Isolation platform.

The Auralex HoverDeck V2 is specifically engineered to reduce coloration from floor resonance by decoupling the drum kit or percussion setup from the structure, resulting in a tighter, purer sound for both studio and FOH. Auralex's ISO-Puck modular risers minimize structure-borne sound transmission and sympathetic vibrations between drums and hardware. The low-profile isolating boards assemble quickly via strategically placed hook and loop fasteners. The V2 upgrade also features individually black-Ozite-wrapped panels that provide a non-slip surface to hold drums and hardware from migrating or slipping. The HoverDeck v2 is available as two 23.75" x 23.75" x 1" panels or in pre-configured 6-foot x 4-foot and 8-foot x 8-foot sizes. An optional road case offers easy transportation and storage.

Auralex tells us that the HoverDeck is currently in use in the studio and on the road with drummers such as Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean), Ray Luzier (Korn), Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty), Van Romaine (Enrique Iglesias) and Dane Clark (John Mellencamp).

HoverDeck V2 benefits:

  • Decouples drum and percussion setups from stages and floors
  • Optimizes the tone of your drums or percussion
  • Reduces structural resonance
  • Expandable in two-panel increments to accommodate larger setups

Pricing and Availability:
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