NAMM 2015: MIDI Keyboard Controllers With Motorized Faders

US Behringer introduces the Motör 61 and Motör 49      23/01/15

NAMM 2015: MIDI Keyboard Controllers With Motorized Faders

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Behringer has launched their new Motör Series, described as the world's first MIDI keyboard controllers with the same fully-motorized fader technology used in the Company's award-winning X32 Digital Mixing Consoles. They say that the Motör Series USB/MIDI Keyboard Controllers are sure to revolutionize the way artists make music. Here's the details as contaned in the Behringer press release:

With 61 and 49 keys respectively, the Motör 61 and Motör 49 combine all the must-have features of a professional-quality keyboard controller, plus separate banks of 9 touch-sensitive motorized faders and drum pads that take drum and sample loop performances to the next level. And all of these amazing features integrate magically and seamlessly with all popular DAWs.

Semi-weighted, full-sized keys with velocity and after-touch functionality give the Motör Series controllers their superior feel – making artists instantly comfortable, which fosters enhanced creativity. The motorized 60 mm faders are centrally located for fast and easy control of soft synths, drawbar organs, effects and DAW parameters. Additionally, a separate bank of 8 backlit, velocity and pressure-sensitive drum pads offer the ultimate in artistic expression and freedom.

Best of all, the Motör 61 and Motör 49 come ready for action right out of the box, automatically mapping the most-commonly used parameters of virtually all popular software instruments and audio workstations. As a bonus, Behringer also offers user presets for a variety of specific software/hardware combinations – absolutely free of charge.

Pricing and Availability:
The Behringer Motör61 and Motör49 are available at a suggested U.S. MAP of $299.99 and $249.99, respectively.

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