NAMM 2015: Arturia Beatstep Pro

US Pads on steroids      23/01/15
    MP4 4:9 mins    

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Arturia's Beatstep was a bit of a hit from last year. This year the Beatstep Pro has even more wow, certainly a good looking peice of hardware. With plenty of connectivity it looks like it means business. Rebecca Crabb takes us through its high points.



  • Two independent 64 step sequencers with randomness, swing, probability and a roller/looper function,
  • 16 track drum pattern sequencer with "808-style" note entry
  • expanded 16 project (each featuring 16 sequence) memory with LED menus for recall.
  • Sequences MIDI and Computer (VST/DAW etc) via USB,
  • Expanded analogue CV outputs, with pitch, gate and "velocity" output per sequence
  • 8 gate outputs for triggering analogue drums and synthesizers
  • analogue clock I/O for synchronisation to external analogue gear.



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