Gibson Brands Launches Neat Microphones

The aim is to create the next generation of microphones      09/01/15

Gibson Brands Launches Neat Microphones
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Gibson Brands has announced the launch of Neat microphones. Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO and Chairman of Gibson Brands, told us, "The time for entirely new thinking in how microphones are designed, manufactured, and applied is overdue--not only to benefit professionals, but also to create products that improve the audio experience of all consumers."

Gibson says that Neat comprises a "dream team" of music industry heavyweights. Skipper Wise (President) has over 35 years of experience as a recording artist/performer; together with audio engineer Martin Saulespurens (Head of R&D), the two formed Blue Microphones in 1995--which shook up the sleepy mic market with a bold combination of style and sound. General Manager Marty Wolf's experience includes VP of Global Operations at Technocel, as well as VP positions at Blue Microphones and Line 6. Creative Director Ken Niles' graphics expertise has graced projects from Disney, Atlantic Records, Blue Microphones, Nissan, FIFA, and others.

According to Wise, "Neat is about creating the next generation of microphones--one that innovates from manufacturing processes to final look and feel. Our products are designed to sound better, look better, and be simpler to operate, while helping to pass the torch of musical creativity and excellence to the next generation. Even better, Gibson understands that just because we're making ground-breaking, serious products doesn't mean we can't have fun creating a brand and culture."

Juszkiewicz adds, "Gibson is fortunate to work with a team as inventive, professional, and forward-thinking as Neat. Stay tuned. You're about to see microphones in a whole new way."

Pricing and Availability:
Neat's first two product lines will debut at the 2015 CES and 2015 Winter NAMM shows, with shipping expected shortly thereafter.

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