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US Soundiron releases Brad Hoyt's Harp Guitar for Kontakt      12/12/14

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Soundiron says that they are excited to kick off this year's Christmas Countdown with a new release: Brad Hoyt's Harp Guitar. They tell us that they are also rolling out new deals every day, slashing up to 50% off select items. Here's what they have to say about the new sound library:

BRAD HOYT'S HARP GUITAR is a 30-string acoustic harp guitar multisample library for Kontakt. It offers total playability, with independent string control for lead picking, dynamic strumming and chord triggering, rhythm sequencing, gliss and strum performance, arpegiation and multi-mode legato.

We sampled this custom-designed harp guitar commissioned by classical guitarist Brad Hoyt. This unique instrument, dubbed "Arpa Viola Caipira", is the result of a four year design and construction process with master luthier Stephen Sedgwick in the U.K. With a massive and lush tone, wide key range, rich bass and pristine highs, it takes the entire concept of an acoustic guitar to new frontiers.

We deeply sampled each string, with plucks, palm mutes, chokes, legato slides, glisses, scrapes, guitar body percussion and tons of other effects. Our goal was to fully capture every nuance of this exquisite instrument, with up to 12X round-robin and responsive velocity layering. The instrument was recorded dry in our studio, in wide stereo for maximum tone, fidelity, body and clarity.

Brad Hoyt's Harp Guitar is 11.8 GB installed, with 4,203 samples and a powerful GUI to fit your workflow and inspire your creativity.

Pricing and Availability:
$99 introductory price (normally $129)

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